Creative Teams

How can we best grow creative teams?

This is an important issue that has somehow been lost in the increasingly micro-managed, propaganda-driven environments of both business and academic realms. Unfortunately, business and educational interests have intermingled to the point that one pollutes the other.

What have we become?

In the same way that we must remove big money from our election process, we must also remove corporate greed from our educational institutions. This is a tall order.

The subtleties are complex and the arguments on either side can be mired in a rhetoric that will sustain debate for centuries. But on some level, our intuition reveals the immediate truth. If you believe that most common folk should be able to live a good, meaningful, productive, and comfortable life, then you believe that a just society provides that right and opportunity.

This is a simple and universal equation.

Creative teams arise from inspired environments. Inspired environments arise from inspired leadership. Inspired leadership arises from enlightened thinking.

And, enlightened thinking comes from creative teams.


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