GOP Humped by Orange Gorilla

trump-1I find myself alternating between a state of entertained fascination and utter horror.

The circus that has been the GOP primaries has now become an alarming window into everything that is wrong and dysfunctional in our electoral process. Trump has become the petulant poster child for this disease. Switzer’s quote is apropos: “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.”

While the GOP destroys itself like a cancer destroys its host, the rest of us are saddened by the realization that the principles and values exhibited by all factions in the Republican camp unveil the worst of our society.

To be sure, the spectacle of this orange gorilla humping the GOP is amusing. Watching how the various tribes in the GOP attempt to combat each other in this chaos is also amusing. Their greed-based tactics reveal just how unscrupulous and corrupt they have become.

This Machiavellian circus has a lesson for us all if we can recognize it.

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