Hard Decisions

Sometimes decisions are simply difficult.

Ideally, a decision has an obvious good and bad choice. But sometimes, in life, these decisions are not created in such simple terms. Sometimes, the decision is much more difficult or complicated. Sometimes, the decision involves choices that have risks and uncertainty. Sometimes these risks are grave.

I am relatively old. I know and understand that I will die. I know that this will happen relatively soon in my timeline. I am not afraid of my death.

However, I struggle with the decision to have a very risky and invasive surgery which may not actually extend my life expectancy, and the very risky choice to avoid surgery and let nature play it’s course.

The experts trained in cutting all say that I must have the surgery right away. Some of the other experts trained in wholistic medicine say that I should treat this malady from the inside out.

Who are the experts that will save my life?

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