I’ve been playing with the Osmo for a week now. It’s a remarkable camera in many ways. But I wish they designers had put a little more thought into 2 things:

  1. the placement of the  microphone
  2. the positioning of the Record and Photo buttons

The gimbal system is rather noisey. But the placement of the microphone right next to these noisey motors is just plain poor design. As such, the on-camera audio is completely useless, except for syncing purposes for another audio input.

After a few hours of use, my thumb became fatigued because of the non-ergonomic placement of the Record and Photo buttons. If the designers had simply studied the natural positioning of the human thumb while holding the Osmo, they would’ve realized that those buttons need to be lower to the hand.

I’ve done some test video from this camera (1080p) and wrote a quick blurb here.

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