GOP Humped by Orange Gorilla

trump-1I find myself alternating between a state of entertained fascination and utter horror.

The circus that has been the GOP primaries has now become an alarming window into everything that is wrong and dysfunctional in our electoral process. Trump has become the petulant poster child for this disease. Switzer’s quote is apropos: “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.”

While the GOP destroys itself like a cancer destroys its host, the rest of us are saddened by the realization that the principles and values exhibited by all factions in the Republican camp unveil the worst of our society.

To be sure, the spectacle of this orange gorilla humping the GOP is amusing. Watching how the various tribes in the GOP attempt to combat each other in this chaos is also amusing. Their greed-based tactics reveal just how unscrupulous and corrupt they have become.

This Machiavellian circus has a lesson for us all if we can recognize it.

What if…

What if poetry was crypto-code?


Got my Trezor today and configured it. Bitcoin vaults will quickly rise on society’s radar very soon. A storm is on the horizon. It’s a civil rights issue all over again. This time, the stakes are at a top level. Money.

The blockchain technology has changed the game.

What if we realized how important this remedy is?

Creative Teams

How can we best grow creative teams?

This is an important issue that has somehow been lost in the increasingly micro-managed, propaganda-driven environments of both business and academic realms. Unfortunately, business and educational interests have intermingled to the point that one pollutes the other.

What have we become?

In the same way that we must remove big money from our election process, we must also remove corporate greed from our educational institutions. This is a tall order.

The subtleties are complex and the arguments on either side can be mired in a rhetoric that will sustain debate for centuries. But on some level, our intuition reveals the immediate truth. If you believe that most common folk should be able to live a good, meaningful, productive, and comfortable life, then you believe that a just society provides that right and opportunity.

This is a simple and universal equation.

Creative teams arise from inspired environments. Inspired environments arise from inspired leadership. Inspired leadership arises from enlightened thinking.

And, enlightened thinking comes from creative teams.


Watercolor Newbie

Watercolor is so hard to learn/understand. It may be especially hard for someone like me. I tend towards a rational and logical approach to process. I’m trying to change this.

Watercolor may be the vehicle for my transformation. But I fear that I will be a slow learner in this realm…

Hard Decisions

Sometimes decisions are simply difficult.

Ideally, a decision has an obvious good and bad choice. But sometimes, in life, these decisions are not created in such simple terms. Sometimes, the decision is much more difficult or complicated. Sometimes, the decision involves choices that have risks and uncertainty. Sometimes these risks are grave.

I am relatively old. I know and understand that I will die. I know that this will happen relatively soon in my timeline. I am not afraid of my death.

However, I struggle with the decision to have a very risky and invasive surgery which may not actually extend my life expectancy, and the very risky choice to avoid surgery and let nature play it’s course.

The experts trained in cutting all say that I must have the surgery right away. Some of the other experts trained in wholistic medicine say that I should treat this malady from the inside out.

Who are the experts that will save my life?

When Reality Intrudes

Sometimes life sucks.

I’m probably still in shock. The macabre intrigue is this state of morbid research into what is likely the blueprint for my demise. I’ve become curious about the biology and science of my impending heart failure.

It’s become quite clear, even from the relatively little research I’ve done so far, that our current state of medicine is thoroughly broken and diseased. It’s driven by money and little else.

The harsh reality is that we all fall victim to an ultimate demise. Even if medicine manages to increase longevity to unimaginable lengths, the critical question may become a matter of “why?” It is an existential question in the end.

Life usually sucks for us all at some point or another. The beauty in life usually begins to appear when we experience the character and soul that emerges when reality intrudes.


A Conversation with My Sister

“I just don’t get the same energy and inspiration from women my own age.”

She looked at me, wanting to disagree, but realized I was probably speaking some form of truth. She is 6 years younger than my 54 years and recognized some uncomfortable truths in my descriptions of women in my proximate age group.

“They’re less energetic, less creative, whiny and often bitter.” I often feel much younger than my 54 years.

“You realize that women in your age-group are likely experiencing menopause, right?” She said this and then caught herself offering more of an excuse than an explanation.

“That may be true, but frankly I don’t care about the cause. I don’t want to spend time with women with that kind of energy. It does not inspire me, motivate me, or make me feel happy. Why would I choose any kind of relationship with a woman who makes me feel this way?”

She was stranded with the truth.

I love my sisters. I would never leave them stranded. “You are not representative of the women my age that I meet. You are happily married and are a model of a healthy marriage for me. If menopause causes you some disarray in your emotions, you are handling it well as far as I can see.” I looked her straight in the eyes so she could see that I was speaking from my heart.

“But I have spent time with women my age, and also with women who are many years younger. I have noticed a remarkable difference, and an affinity with the younger women.”

She smiled at me. “It’s true, you have a much younger and spirited soul than your age.”

Then she took my hand and looked into my eyes. “You should follow your instincts.”

Plucking Feathers

I have a friend who is stuck because she cannot move on from plucking the same old feathers.

I have a lot of respect for her, but I cannot figure out how to help her move forward. I don’t know how to talk with her in a way that evolves from the same old bitter hurt she feels. I don’t know how to have a conversation with her that doesn’t involve her feminist rage.

Sometimes I feel she is indirectly attacking me.

Life is short. I will not likely choose to spend it plucking feathers…

Enlightened Educator

It is no longer sufficient to have extensive educational background, producing many letters after your name.

True learning is mostly about sagacity. Teaching is mostly about example. There are no edicts; only good models. Each path must be honored.

The enlightened educator is not an authority.



I’ve been experimenting with various ways to demonstrate that focus is relative.

It’s an existential challenge.

Everyone thinks their vision is most in focus.